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How a Public
Represents You

How a Public Adjustor
Represents You

You may have an insurance company to help you in the event of a loss. However, when it is time for the insurance company to pay you for that loss, they hire an adjuster with only the insurance’s interest in mind. Not Yours! A public adjusting firm, such as the Canedo Group, works for you and your best interests!

Disaster Response
& Policy Review

Learn about the first step we take as a public adjusting firm after you have contacted us.

Develop & Prepare
Your Case

We work with the best lawyers and insurance experts to ensure your claim gets increased.

Settle Claim &
Recieve Payout

The last step is settling with your insurance company for the correct amount.

Our Process

How We Help You

Public Adjusting Company in Florida

Disaster Response
& Policy Review

The first step is to make sure you and your loved ones are safe. From there, we send our professionals to assess the origin of the loss and the damages.

Our insurance experts will analyze your insurance policy and interpret the critical details needed to start the next stage of the claims process.

Florida Public Adjusting Company

Develop a Strategy
& Prepare your case

After policy review, our team begins documenting the damages using the latest and most accurate technologies available to choose the correct repair or restoration options.

Now that we have the correct appraisal of your damages and the data to back it up. We proceed by contacting the insurance company and finishing up the claim. Remember, we do all of this for you so you can get back to what matters to you!

Private Adjuster In Florida

Settle Insurance Claim
& Recieve payout

Our policy experts will negotiate with your insurance company, making sure to maximize the amount of compensation your policy permits you. We will not leave anything off the table.

Once your insurance company reviews the damages appraised by our team with the data to back it up, you can rest assured they will increase the claim amount to meet your needs!

We Don’t Get
Paid Until
You Do!

We Don’t Get Paid
Until You Do!

If you have experienced a loss recently, it is not too late! Call us now for a free consultation

If you have experienced a loss recently, it is not too
late! Call us now for a free consultation

Frequently Asked Questions

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A public adjuster is a licensed professional who helps policyholders with the insurance claim process for damages to their properties. They are trained to inspect damages and provide an accurate estimate of the damages.


An insurance claim can become one of the most daunting and overwhelming processes for a property owner. Making sure your insurance company treats you fairly and pays your claim is why many policyholders elect to hire a public insurance adjuster that represents their interests.


An insurance adjuster represents the insurance company and follows its guidelines. The insurance carrier requirements are expected to be met by the insurance adjuster. On the other hand, a public insurance adjuster is licensed to represent you, the policyholder. Expert preparation of your claim is essential to a fair settlement.


Yes, Public Insurance Adjusters are required to hold and maintain a state license. Public Adjusters are also required to hold a surety bond along with maintaining continuing education requirements.

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